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When it comes to beauty, you do not only have to make sure your skin is clean but also your supplies. If you don’t your skin may get irritated or you can get a rash. There are many ways to clean make up brushes and in this case the cheapest way is the best way! I use dish soap from a Dutch brand, Dreft, which you can find in the supermarket for only €1-€2.


I have different brushes from different brands. Some of them have synthetic and others are from real hair. The type of hair does not matter when it comes to cleaning them, but brushes that have real hair will stay in better condition for a long time. I use Zoeva and MAC cosmetic brushes. 


I used to use the MAC brush cleanser (€11), which is a very good cleanser and an easy and fast way to clean your brushes, but more expensive than dish soap. Also, if you use the MAC brush cleaner your brushes will be dried up in a couple of minutes. With the dish soap it can take a couple of hours before they are dry and ready to use. 

Not convinced that dish soap is the best way? Let me show you. 

You put a little bit of Dreft on your sink, make the hairs (only the hairs) of the brushes moist.


Mix the brush with the drops of Dreft.




And done!



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