A trip to M A L A G A

This year in April I took a little break and travelled to Malaga in Andalusia, Spain. While writing this post I am dreaming back to this little vacay. I traveled from Amsterdam Airport so it was just a 3 to 3,5 hour flight, which is perfect for me since I’m not enjoying plane rides. As I arrived in Malaga the palm trees and delightful sun were bringing my mood up to the max. I recommend Malaga to everyone, especially to the ones who live in Europe because it’s a short trip and not expensive. You can easily go to Malaga for a long weekend or mid week if you want to go to a place for relaxing and also want to do a couple of things – but not too much. 🙂


The Harbor

The most beautiful place I saw in Malaga was this harbor. This is a place where you must go when you pay Malaga a visit. Unlike the harbor we have in my hometown – this is a harbor is a place when you can come into full relaxation. This is a perfect place to sit down or make a long walk, if you love long walks like I do. Besides the palm trees, the beautiful blue sea and yachts, there are a couple of boutiques and stores and many restaurants, from all kitchens to chose. Scroll down to see which one was my favorite. 🙂


Centre Pompidou

Just like in France, Malaga has it’s own Centre Pompidou.
I did not see the inside of it, but I’m sure the outside is as much interesting as what’s going on inside.

This architecture is also to be found on the boulevard.

Picasso Museum

I am a fan of musea, but the Picasso museum was one of my least favorites.
You really have to love and appreciate the art of Picasso I think. Otherwise you would just think he was crazy kinda man..
This garden was the most beautiful part of the museum.


There is no v a c a y whitout s h o p p i n g ofcourse.

This shopping street – Calle Marques de Larios – is where you can find all famous stores and if you’re not in the mood for shopping, a long stroll makes it as good as well.
(You can find here the shops as Kiko, Zara, Mango and Victoria’s Secret).
Plus this shopping street is only 10 minutes away from the harbor and the beach!


Teatro Romano

The Roman theater is discovered in the 50’s by digging and renovation and probably build in the time of emperor August.
While looking at if from the outside, it looks so impressive. In some way it looks like kind of simular to the Colosseum.
Sometimes there are still performances and expositions.
This is also a MUST see!


On this picture you see the most delicious strawberry pancakes I ever ate. I mean like, really. I’m nut fund of pancakes combined with fruit, but I am since I tasted this one.
You might think this is all jibber jabber, but it’s not.
When you’re in Malaga, visit Julia’s Bakery for breakfast or lunch.
I promise you won’t regret.


But the top off food I had in Malaga was on the boulevard of the harbor.
Ofcourse, Indians always find Indians, so I had my delicious meal at an Indian restaurant.
I started eating immediately when the food was served so… no pictures were made…
But.. I can tell you that the name of this restaurant is Buddha Brasserie and they are located at the end of the boulevard. You can also find them of Facebook. If you’re into Indian food and you’re in Malaga, you should really have dinner there!


I am really going back to Malaga one day, since I have enjoyed it so much there.
I am already looking forward to it!




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