How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh

I actually did not plan on writing a book review on my Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel blog, but this book you guys… It has connected with me on so many levels. I mean, just by looking at its cover, you want to become a Bawse, the Superwoman way.

We all know Lilly Singh as Superwoman and of course we all follow her on Instagram and Facebook, if you’re not… go follow now, please. I promise, from now on you will laugh more in your further life to come. If not? Then you have no sense of humor. Just saying.

I started following Superwoman years ago on Instagram and Facebook and I really enjoyed watching her videos. She made laugh out loud and she made videos which sometimes I could relate to. When she made this promo video for her book, called ‘How to be a Bawse’, I immediately knew that I was going to buy her book, and I did! But, it only took me a couple of months before I actually started reading it. So, I have finished reading the book just now. I think this was just the right time for me to read and absorb it. And now I am a Bawse! Pronounce like Rick Ross. 

Lilly’s book is written just as how she speaks in her videos. Sometimes I could just hear her saying the things that I was reading at the moment. The book has serious as hilarious content as well. At one moment I was laughing so hard while slapping my thigh (the part about The Exorcism of Emily Rose) but at the same time I also could relate to her feelings and situations. Lilly writes about her path to the success she has now, the obstacles she experienced and a couple of golden tips and guides to become a Bawse. The book has 50 chapters, sorted in 4 categories with beautiful pictures and life experiences of Lilly herself.

As I was saying I feel so connected to Lilly on so many levels, besides we share the same roots and age (and make the same gagging noises when we have to eat tomatoes), she really opened up about herself which is a very vulnerable thing to do. Things she feels as a young woman, decisions she had to make and how she processed difficult experiences. She also shares how she dealt with all those challenges and those are things we can really learn from. And of course, everyone is different and has her/his own opinions and point of views of life, but Lilly really mentioned valuable lessons people from all ages, colors and genders can learn and grow from.

I don’t want to spoil any content coming from her book, I just want to recommend it to everyone. It’s easy to read through. It contains beautiful pictures from Lilly with powerful quotes. Not only am I recommending this book because I feel connected to Lilly and her book but also because I think that women should support each other more instead of seeing each other as competitives and rivals. 

Dear Lilly, thank you for sharing this beautiful book with the world and opening to us about yourself. You truly are a Superwoman!

For my Dutchies: you can buy this book at 


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What fits in a Chanel WOC?


Before I buy a small bag I try to find out what fits in it. When you buy a Chanel WOC, it makes the choice easier of course, because who doesn’t want this cutie mini bag which you can wear different ways and looks classy at the same time!

The bag has several compartments, one explicit for (6) cards and other ones which can fit your phone or your cash money.

I am used to put all my junk into my bag when i’m heading out, but when wearing my WOC I have to minimize. Most of them fit into my bag though!


  • Chanel WOC Boybag
  • iPhone 7
  • Debit card and drivers license
  • Change and coins
  • Hair tie
  • Mini pack tissues
  • Chanel pocket mirror
  • L’occitane hand cream
  • Chanel no 5 sample
  • Carkeys with L’aduree keychain
  • MAC lipstick
  • Pack of chewmints
  • Rayban sunglasses

Hopefully this post will make it easier for you to decide to purchase (or not) your little Chanel!

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Spring in Rome

Last month I was on holiday in the beautiful historical Rome.
This trip was only a three day trip and I had planned everything I wanted to see in just these 3 days. I went from the Colosseum to the Chanel store and ate a lo-hot of pasta to gelato. I had a great time over here. Italians are very polite and of course the beautiful weather was helping a lot.

Spring just started and I was thinking and overthinking about what to wear and to bring with me. Which shoes? Which tops? Dresses? I didn’t know, it was so much to think about. At the end I choose comfort. So no heels and no short skirts. Scroll further to see my outfits and some of the sights I’ve been seeing.

On the first day I saw the Trevi Fountain. I never thought this statue/building was this huge. Of course it was very crowded and like all the other tourists – I made my wish. 🙂  

Outfit details:
Primark boots x Zara jeans x H&M blouse x H&M pullover x Michael Kors bucket bag x
RayBan Erika shades x Cluse rose gold watch

Trevi Fountain

Primark boots x Zara jeans x Mango tee x Tommy Hilfiger cardigan x
Michael Kors bucket bag x RayBan Erika shades


I found it admiring to see how something as big as the Colosseum was build in the earlier years without all the technical equipments we use nowadays. Historical monuments like this are beyond words and of course there were not happy things happening in this arena but still.. When I was walking around in the Colosseum I was imagining how things went back then. 
A tip when visiting the Colosseum: buy a ticket online or at a local travel agency to skip the lines. The Colosseum is very populair and it’s a waste of your time to stand in line for like an hour. You could also have look at the ROMA pass.

From left to right: Beautiful Italian streets nearby the Spanish Steps and the shops x The Pantheon x Piazza Navona

The most beautiful place I have visited in Rome is without a doubt the Vatican City. 

Nike ROSHE x Zara trousers x Zara tee x Michael Kors bucket bag x RayBan Erika shades

The same for the Vatican City – before you arrive make sure you’ve purchased your tickets, also for the Sixtine Chapelle which is definitely worth seeing! Put on your comfortable shoes as this is going to be a long walk and very crowded. 

If Rome has not been checked off your bucket list yet.. you should definitely go!  😉 

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To Audrey With Love

Last weekend I went to see the Hubert de Givenchy exhibition in the community museum (Gemeentemuseum) in my hometown The Hague. This expo is a tribute to the lovely Audrey Hepburn.


I am more inspired by Audrey then I am by Givenchy, but I admire the impact he had on her. One of my favorite movies of all time is also one of hers – Breakfast at Tiffany’s it is. Which is also my favorite jeweler. 


As i walked through the museum I was amazed by the garment that was displayed. All designed by Hubert de Givenchy and you could really see the luxury of it. Audrey once said that she is most comfortable in Givenchy’s clothing and I could imagine why. The dresses do not only look glamorous but also comfortable and I find that the most important when wearing an item. I could see myself wearing these dresses and going to parties in them. *sigh..then I woke up. Even though these dresses were made like 50-70 years ago, you could still wear them now in 2017. Speaking of timeless pieces. You can see that Givenchy has put up a lot of effort to make this exhibition look wonderful. I see real art in them and they take you back to time of Audrey.


Not only are Audrey’s Dutch roots something we have in common but she also did volunteering work for Unicef like I do. As a matter of fact, she was an ambassador for a couple of years. Even when she was older she still looked good and had this classical beauty while taking care of children.

I love the way Adurey dressed, spoke and the actress she was. I love her movies and I am inspired by her positive words. Here are some wise words from her.


Of course there were a lot more beautiful things to adore in this exhibition, but you have to experience it yourself. If you are visiting The Hague you must see this exhibition. You have the chance see the expo until the 26th of March 2017 at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. It is based in a lovely neighborhood which you will be inspired by too! And once you are in the museum, do not forget to take your photo-boot pictures!


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What’s in my make up bag?


What is all in this make up bag?


The products I keep in my make up bag are the products I use on a daily base at this moment. Let me share with you what’s in it!


First, this Porcelain Rose wash bag is from Ted Baker, which you can buy at Ted Baker of course or at the Bijenkorf (The Netherlands) for €38. I’m loving all prints and colors from the Ted Baker collection, but I eventually picked this one because of its timeless color.

My favorite beauty product at the moment are lipsticks. Every color for every mood and it changes your whole facial expression. The lipstick I cary around very often these days is the Satin Twig from MAC for €19. I really, really love the Satin collection because it’s not too shiny and not too dry and kinda feels like it’s feeding my lips. It’s not a bright or notable color which suits good for my daily make up. 







These two products or at least one of ‘em I need everyday. My concealer and highlighter. Bot from MAC, the matchmaster concealer and the select moisturecover for €21,50 and €18,50 Make sure you buy your concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone is. After that I highlight my under eyes in the shape of a triangle. The concealer is fluid and the structure of the highlighter is creamy, which gives my skin a glowy look. At first I used brushes to apply these two products, but I think it stays better in place if I blend it out with a blend brush.



I almost everyday put on eyeliner on my upper eye. If I’m in a rush I put on eyeliner on my under eye, or not at all. 😀 And sometimes wing it and sometimes I don’t. Depends on my mood. Again, both MAC products. This MAC fluid eyeliner really stays in place for the whole day and that is something I really need because I can get a greasy T-zone + eyes. The blue blender in my make up bag is from Primark, for only €2,50! When I’m in a darkeyes mood I also put eyeliner, the Modern twist Kajal liner for €16,50 on my under eyelid for a more romantic effect. You don’t have to sharpen this pencil with a pencil sharpener, you can just twist it. But not like a lipstick, once you’ve twist it up you can’t twist it down so be careful and don’t twist it too hard! 







I have used and tried many mascara’s. I love L’Oreal and Chanel mascara’s, but at the moment I use Essence Crazy Volume mascara which I bought from the drugstore for only €2,89. For this price it’s really worth a try.

I am that kind of girl that has many kinds and colors of blushes. I do not stick to just one and I’ma keep buying them. I love to try them out, from cheap ones to Chanel ones. But right now I have the MAC pro longwear blush in fleeting romance €25,50 in my make up bag. From all the blushes that I’ve tried, MAC is one of favorites. 


It takes a little bit of extra time in the morning, but it’s really worth the effort. You will agree when you see the effect it has on your look. I use this MAC fluid brow gel in color deep brow brunette €19 to make my look really complete. They stay in shape all day. Full(er) brows finish your whole make up look. Of course you can decide how much you want to fill them up. Even just a little brush through your brows can do some magic. 


The brushes that I use for my brows are from MAC. One to brush through my brows, the 204 lash brush €11 and the other one, 208 angle brow brush €22, to apply my brow gel. For the blush I use a H&M kabuki brush for only €9,99. The lash curler is from Bobbi Brown, €22 and I must say that the more expensive ones don’t cut my eye lids! I am very happy with this one. And at last I always have have a pocket mirror in my (make up) bag. This one is from Chanel, for €29. I am never going to toss this one away!


I don’t know what to do if I forget to take one of these with me…  😯

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21 Questions

Since I have been posting for a while now, I have not shared a lot personal ‘facts’ about me.
I thought it would be fun to share some with you. Maybe you’ve noticed some of them already. 😉

1. Who’s that girl?
My full name is Nandini Reshma Janki.
The names are origin from India.
Note: But my parents are born in Surinam, South America.
Where I was born? Read along 🙂

2. “And though she be but little, she is fierce” – Shakespeare
For Western standards I’m short, for Asian, not so much.
Think I got the fierceness from my Asian roots too!

3. Music is medicine
It actually is. I get happy when I listen to music and I love to think about the memories and happy times songs give me. 
I often listen to R&B and HipHop, but the Soul music really touches my soul. And of course I listen to Bollywood music. 😀
Note: I still buy CD’s and you can find me at concerts.

4. I am a sucker for romantic stuff
I love romantic movies, especially when it’s played in New york.

I love romantic books and I love romantic gestures like receiving flowers.

5. Drink up, darling
My favorite drink is one of the most unhealthy ones in the world, but it gives me wings.

I get happy by just smelling the sweet scent when I open up my Red Bull tin.
I compensate my fav drink with drinking water and green tea, all day, everyday!
Note: I almost always have a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks

6. H-Town
My hometown is The Hague, the Netherlands. It’s my favorite city in the world.

I’m born and raised here and not planning to leave,
except when it’s for an apartment with a Central Park view #GOALS.

I love spending time in my city. It’s home.

7. Food, food, food!
You can wake me up for shoarma, (Dutch) homemade pancakes by Mom or a peace of Red Velvet cake!

Note when visiting The Hague: El Basha and Cake du Fortin are the best in town.
I’m having fun going out for dinner at new places and I have favorite spots in town where I go regularly.
When I have the time and the inspiration, I make some dishes or desserts myself at home.
Note: my favorite candies are M&M’s

8. Que Sera, Sera
I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. In good and bad times.
If it’s not happening for you, it’s not meant for you. If it is, it will come to you in the right time.
Whatever will be, will be. It’s my everyday quote.

9. Who run the world?
Loving everything about Beyonce since I can remember.
Her voice, her dance, her style, just everything.
If you don’t like Beyonce, we can’t be friends.

10. Nerd alert
Where ever I go, I always carry a book in my bag.
My favorite author is Dan Brown, loving the movies too.
A big fan of the Harry Potter series as well!
And of course I like the chick flick novels from Jill Mansell and Lauren Weisberger.

11. In a Land far, far away..
I love to travel and see the world. Thanks to my parents I have seen a lot of beautiful places.
They took me on vacation so many times, to India, Dubai, New York, Mauritius, Turkey
and city trips in Europe. 
Thanks mom and dad, I’m grateful.
Check out the Globetrotter page to follow my adventures 🙂
Note: As a souvenir, I buy a Starbucks city mug in every city I go 🙂

12. Your thoughts become your reality, make sure they’re fabulous!
I see myself as a spiritual person and I believe in chakra’s, the law of attraction, positive affirmations
and most of all, I believe in God.

Note: Karma is real.

13. I can kick your ass
I have a black belt in Tae-Kwondo.
I won trophy’s during competitions. Yeah, I am a badass 😀
(this was a long time ago though..)

14. Comfy outfit
I feel most comfortable in a jeans – tee – high heels outfit.
When it’s cold I prefer a blazer or leather jacket to cover up.

My touch up would be a neutral color lipstick.
Note: My nail polish is always Chanel 

15. I love to love
I find myself a loyal, caring and driven person.
I care for my beloved ones and try to help them out and spend time with them, when and where I can.

I am happy knowing everyone is doing fine. Once you’re in my heart, you’re there for a million years.
But once I’m done, I’m done.

I am driven and passionated about my personal goals too.
If I have set my eye on a purpose I make sure I’ll achieve them.

Also, I know when to (eventually) accept something that is not going to happen for me
and I choose another direction.

Que sera, sera, right? 😉

16. Making myself useful
I have mentioned a couple of activities and hobby’s that keeps me busy in the previous facts above, and besides that and blogging I also like to spend time watching series, (online) shopping, making scrapbooks and going to the gym.
My favorite shows at the moment are Suits, Jane the Virgin, Modern Family and Pretty Little Liars.
Netflix is definitely worth all ten bucks.
Note: Food keeps me company while I’m doing all those things.

17. Less scrolling, more living
While all those apps and social media are keeping us busy most of the day, I chose some of my favorites.
Instagram: I like to look at beautiful pictures and dream away and it keeps me posted about the fun things everyone is doing.
Pinterest: It’s just like a second Google. But a fancier one.
TED: I just downloaded this app a couple of months ago and not regretting it one day.
Name the topic and you’ll find it. You can get smarter in just twenty minutes!

Calm: It’s a meditation app and it helps me to clear my mind and find rest.

18. You’re never too old for Disney
I am so grateful that I grew up with Disney movies and Disney princesses all around me.
I grew up with magic and songs and fairytales which made me never stop dreaming.
I don’t have any particular favorite movie, I just love all classics.
Note: I’m a Disney Princess too.

19. The bags under my eyes are Chanel (and Louis V)
The one thing I spend most of my money on.. *drum ruffle* are designer bags. Yes.
My most precious bags are my Chanel bags, but I also have a crush on the Louis Vuitton designs. You might think it’s a waste of money, but they’re actually an investment. I have also less expensive, but not less beautiful, designer bags like Gucci, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Burberry and Henri Bendel, but Coco and Louis are my favorites!
Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags are increasing in value every year, maybe even every six months. They are made of a high quality leather and they are timeless pieces.
They go with anything and I can wear them forever.
I think these reasons will justify to buy more, right?

Note: I never put my bag on the floor. 

20. Good shoes take you good places
Designer bags go well with designer shoes, I believe. Hence, my designer shoe collection.
From Chanel sneakers to Louboutin heels to Gucci boots. 
Note: But my Michael Kors shoes are most comfortable.

21. Son of a gun
I curse. Sometimes.
Is it still ‘sometimes’ when it’s everyday?

Okay, well I curse not sometimes.
Note: People who curse often are smart.

Still interested in my interests? Go and check out my Pinterest. 


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