Casual Chic

Casual sneakers and a chic coat are the perfect match, if you’re asking me. In this cold Autumn weather I need a coat to keep me warm and comfortable shoes to wander around and explore the streets of Amsterdam.

In this wool and classy Ted Baker long wool wrap coat combined with my Chanel baskets sneakers I feel feminine and cool at the same time. Added with a touch of chocolate brown accessories, which makes my fashionable outfit casual chic. 

IMG_0941 kopie copy
I chose for a safe black color when it comes to my Ted coat and Chanel sneakers. I know I will not wear a bright color as much as black or neutrals. When buying investment pieces, I go for safe.

IMG_0950 copy

IMG_0959 copy

To make my outfit complete I took my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Monogram shopper out for the day with my matching brown Louis Vuitton Monogram scarf for the cold Fall weather. What I like the most about my bag is that Louis Vuitton is offering the service to initialize your bag, which obviously makes it more personal and unique and gives the casual outfit a touch of classiness. 

IMG_0953 copy

These black suede and leather Chanel are my favorite sneakers. Of course, because they are Chanel and also because of the classic tweed material which are the same tweed as from the famous Chanel Black Jacket.

Definitely Casual & Chic!

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Investment Pieces | The Hobo Bag

Ready – steady –  go? With the Hobo bag you can.
It is easy to carry around and easy to put all of your junk in.
My favorite Hobo is the Too hot too handle Hobo from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection.


Not only can you wear this bag with a casual outfit, but it also matches perfectly with a formal outfit or an outfit with heels. I was looking for the perfect Hobo bag for a long time, but I never found the right one. They either were too big or too small, or faux leather. That is why I specific chose this Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo because of its outstanding leather quality (100% cow leather) and its perfect size. The subtle golden emblem finishes its with elegance.



Classic and timeless is what this bag is. My first investment black bag and it was worth every penny. 🙂

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From Paris with Love

When I am in Paris there are always many things to do and see. I never get bored here.
I was only here for a weekend, but I got to see a lot of beautiful places. 

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower described in two words; A beautiful and magical place. It is a very special place to go with your beloved one, although it is very crowded, you still get caught up in the moment. This really is a must see in Paris.

IMG_7629 Dress: H&M x Necklace: Zara x Sandals: Gucci x Shades: Chanel

Champs Elysees

The biggest street in Paris to shop, have delicious food and drinks and watch street entertainment. Or of course, just to have a walk and enjoy the beautiful view of this authentic street.


Dress: H&M x Sandals: Gucci x Bag: Michael Kors x Shades: Chanel x Necklace: Zara x Bracelet: Henri Bendel

 Pont Neuf

Pont neuf is between the Louvre museum and Cathedral Notre Dame. You can also find the love locks bridge in this area, but most of the locks are removed. Also around this pont you can find a lot of restaurants and bars and it is a beautiful place to take pictures.


White tee: FAAZ Italy x Skinny jeans: ZARA x sneakers: Chanel x Bag: Michael Kors x Shades: Chanel x Necklace: Forever 21 x Watch: Casio x Bracelet: Henri Bendel

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How To | Clean your brushes

When it comes to beauty, you do not only have to make sure your skin is clean but also your supplies. If you don’t your skin may get irritated or you can get a rash. There are many ways to clean make up brushes and in this case the cheapest way is the best way! I use dish soap from a Dutch brand, Dreft, which you can find in the supermarket for only €1-€2.


I have different brushes from different brands. Some of them have synthetic and others are from real hair. The type of hair does not matter when it comes to cleaning them, but brushes that have real hair will stay in better condition for a long time. I use Zoeva and MAC cosmetic brushes. 


I used to use the MAC brush cleanser (€11), which is a very good cleanser and an easy and fast way to clean your brushes, but more expensive than dish soap. Also, if you use the MAC brush cleaner your brushes will be dried up in a couple of minutes. With the dish soap it can take a couple of hours before they are dry and ready to use. 

Not convinced that dish soap is the best way? Let me show you. 

You put a little bit of Dreft on your sink, make the hairs (only the hairs) of the brushes moist.


Mix the brush with the drops of Dreft.




And done!



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Contact me!

Do you have any questions or comments?
Or do you want more information about the MUA inquiries?

Please do not hesitate and send an e-mail to

Thank you!

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to, my life and my journey.

I will keep you posted with my style of living, fashion and beauty. 

Please have a look around!

Thank you for visiting my blog. 



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I Am Nandini

Let’s start with some basics.

I am Nandini, 26, born and based in The Hague, The Netherlands and raised by the best of two loving parents.

I have a huge love for fashion. Everyone is unique and I would like to show you my style and inspirations. Besides fashion I also have a great passion for beauty, a huge desire to travel the world, read books and taste food from all over the world. That is what mostly my blog will be about. Let me take you into my adventures. 

I want to accomplish a lot in my life, inspire and help others. I’m certain that hard work will bring me there. All that has come to me so far, all that I have experienced, achieved and will become is because of Him.

Thank you for visiting. I will keep you posted. See you soon!


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Citytrip: Nice and Monaco

Last month I went to the beautiful French Cote D’azur, Nice and Monaco. I have seen so many beautiful things and places in Nice. My trip lasted for three days, which is actually enough to spend for a citytrip. Let me take you into my journey.

IMG_4394Hat: Supertrash x Shades: Ray Ban x Necklace: H&M x Tee: Kenzo x Cardigan: Mango x Leather pants: H&M x Sneakers: Zara x Clutch: Supertrash

My hotel was at the Boulevard Promenade des Anglais, which is most likely in the centre of Nice. There are plenty of restaurants and it is a walking distance to the beautiful blue sea. At the moment I stayed in Nice it was too cold for me to swim, but I did enjoy the view.


As we walked from the hotel to the centre of Nice we walked through these beautiful streets which were build with these old and classic houses and big trees. Just like the fancy streets from Paris. When we walked like ten minutes, we walked into in the centre where all these terraces, shops and monuments were. Also the Cathedral Notre Dame of Nice.


The second day of my trip I went to Monaco. If you take the train from Nice it only takes 20 minutes to Monaco. So if you’re ever in Nice I really recommend you to travel to Monaco! It’s really worth it. When I walked outside from the station and looked down, was this the first thing I saw. An amazing view to the Port of Monaco. 


Walking to the centre/port of Monaco seemed more nearby when I looked down from the station haha. But you know, it is worth the walk!


Big streets. Artistic buildings. 


And then finally, I saw what i came for. Casino Monte Carlo. Hotel de Paris and many many of fancy cars. The place was crowded! The casino looks as even beautiful on the inside as the outside, but I was not allowed to make pictures inside the building. So if you’re curious, go see for yourselves!


It was the perfect weekend in Nice and Monaco. A great place to explore, beautiful views, shops and monument.  A definitely must-see!


Shades: Ray Ban x Dress: H&M x Belt: Gucci x Clutch: Supertrash x Sandals: Gucci

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FAAZ Italy Fashion Party


The young woman behind FAAZ Italy is Rachaila Habib, who is also the CEO of the brand. In 2014 she published the brand and her website and from that moment her little girl’s dream came true.

The name FAAZ has a personal meaning to her, it is dedicated to her mother who is her role model, which makes it more special to her.

This brand that Rachaila has designed is meant for girls and ladies. If I had to describe her brand in just three words, I would say it is Fashionable, Classy and Hip. She also makes sure she uses excellent materials and she has an eye for all details and also very important, her collection has an affordable price!

Last week I had the pleasure to be a part of the FAAZ Italy fashion party. Rachaila organized her party like a real party planner; Music, food and champagne! I felt delighted to be invited and join a party of FAAZ.

Thank you Rachaila for this honour.


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Happy 10th Birthday Pigalle!

Not only is Louboutin my favorite brand of shoes, but the Pigalle is also my favorite shoe at this moment, which I have in three beautiful colors! And this week Louboutin celebrates the 10th birthday of my fav shoe!

Christian Louboutin is my favorite shoe brand because there has never been a shoe before that has made my foot so-damn-beautiful. Whenever I wear my Loubies I feel like the most beautiful in the world. It makes me forget the pain in my foot! And of course, the red bottoms. The most beautiful part of the shoe.

In May 2013 in Paris I bought my first Pigalle, the nude one. Everytime I walk into a Louboutin store I feel like something magical is going to happen, you know like a little child in Disney World or something. The young guy who helped me in the store pulled out all the boxes to see if there were any Pigalles left. Unfortunately, they were all sold out. So, my dearest father who had driven me to Paris (from The Hague, the Netherlands) for me to buy my Louboutins, drove me to another store. When I asked the girl in the store is she had the Pigalle in nude she nodded and said; Yes, which size? The three words that made the happiest girl that day! 



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