FAAZ Italy Fashion Party


The young woman behind FAAZ Italy is Rachaila Habib, who is also the CEO of the brand. In 2014 she published the brand and her website and from that moment her little girl’s dream came true.

The name FAAZ has a personal meaning to her, it is dedicated to her mother who is her role model, which makes it more special to her.

This brand that Rachaila has designed is meant for girls and ladies. If I had to describe her brand in just three words, I would say it is Fashionable, Classy and Hip. She also makes sure she uses excellent materials and she has an eye for all details and also very important, her collection has an affordable price!

Last week I had the pleasure to be a part of the FAAZ Italy fashion party. Rachaila organized her party like a real party planner; Music, food and champagne! I felt delighted to be invited and join a party of FAAZ.

Thank you Rachaila for this honour.


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