From Paris with Love

When I am in Paris there are always many things to do and see. I never get bored here.
I was only here for a weekend, but I got to see a lot of beautiful places. 

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower described in two words; A beautiful and magical place. It is a very special place to go with your beloved one, although it is very crowded, you still get caught up in the moment. This really is a must see in Paris.

IMG_7629 Dress: H&M x Necklace: Zara x Sandals: Gucci x Shades: Chanel

Champs Elysees

The biggest street in Paris to shop, have delicious food and drinks and watch street entertainment. Or of course, just to have a walk and enjoy the beautiful view of this authentic street.


Dress: H&M x Sandals: Gucci x Bag: Michael Kors x Shades: Chanel x Necklace: Zara x Bracelet: Henri Bendel

 Pont Neuf

Pont neuf is between the Louvre museum and Cathedral Notre Dame. You can also find the love locks bridge in this area, but most of the locks are removed. Also around this pont you can find a lot of restaurants and bars and it is a beautiful place to take pictures.


White tee: FAAZ Italy x Skinny jeans: ZARA x sneakers: Chanel x Bag: Michael Kors x Shades: Chanel x Necklace: Forever 21 x Watch: Casio x Bracelet: Henri Bendel

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