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After being involved with different kind of charity I read into stories about people (male and female) and children who had have diseases which caused hair loss. Also I know some women in my personal life who had have cancer and survived, but they also had suffered from hair loss and had to spend much money for wigs, because insurance (here in the Netherlands at least) does not cover for all of it. 

As a woman I feel that my hair is a part of my beauty and how my hair shows in what kind of a mood I am, like messy, pony tail, curls, straight etcetera etcetera. Imagine that you have to cut all of your hair off to make room for a wig. Hearing about these stories made me realize that I do not must take my hair for granted. Sickness overwhelmed them and they had no choice but to accept the consequences of hair loss (and all other horrible side effects).

My hair is thick, frizzy and it grows fast and I have to take time to get a nice hairdo everyday which will also last for the whole day. 

All the above were reasons for me to let my hair grow for another more centimeters and cut it off for donation. 

I wanted to – after I cut my hair – that my hair still would be a length to do nice things with, like curling or put up in a pony tail. So, after I had cut it off.. See the result below after my hair being 22 centimeters shorter 🙂

Foto op 04-02-16 om 14.01

Do you also considered to make a donation? I hope I inspired you and you will also make this choice or maybe at least think about it. I think it is a nice gesture to help people in need.

I can not tell for how this works in other countries, but in The Netherlands are some hair dressers who will cut your hair for free if it is meant for donation. 

I choose to send my hair to and they will take care of my hair and make a wig of it. You can visit the website for more information or send an e-mail to 



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