How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh

I actually did not plan on writing a book review on my Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel blog, but this book you guys… It has connected with me on so many levels. I mean, just by looking at its cover, you want to become a Bawse, the Superwoman way.

We all know Lilly Singh as Superwoman and of course we all follow her on Instagram and Facebook, if you’re not… go follow now, please. I promise, from now on you will laugh more in your further life to come. If not? Then you have no sense of humor. Just saying.

I started following Superwoman years ago on Instagram and Facebook and I really enjoyed watching her videos. She made laugh out loud and she made videos which sometimes I could relate to. When she made this promo video for her book, called ‘How to be a Bawse’, I immediately knew that I was going to buy her book, and I did! But, it only took me a couple of months before I actually started reading it. So, I have finished reading the book just now. I think this was just the right time for me to read and absorb it. And now I am a Bawse! Pronounce like Rick Ross. 

Lilly’s book is written just as how she speaks in her videos. Sometimes I could just hear her saying the things that I was reading at the moment. The book has serious as hilarious content as well. At one moment I was laughing so hard while slapping my thigh (the part about The Exorcism of Emily Rose) but at the same time I also could relate to her feelings and situations. Lilly writes about her path to the success she has now, the obstacles she experienced and a couple of golden tips and guides to become a Bawse. The book has 50 chapters, sorted in 4 categories with beautiful pictures and life experiences of Lilly herself.

As I was saying I feel so connected to Lilly on so many levels, besides we share the same roots and age (and make the same gagging noises when we have to eat tomatoes), she really opened up about herself which is a very vulnerable thing to do. Things she feels as a young woman, decisions she had to make and how she processed difficult experiences. She also shares how she dealt with all those challenges and those are things we can really learn from. And of course, everyone is different and has her/his own opinions and point of views of life, but Lilly really mentioned valuable lessons people from all ages, colors and genders can learn and grow from.

I don’t want to spoil any content coming from her book, I just want to recommend it to everyone. It’s easy to read through. It contains beautiful pictures from Lilly with powerful quotes. Not only am I recommending this book because I feel connected to Lilly and her book but also because I think that women should support each other more instead of seeing each other as competitives and rivals. 

Dear Lilly, thank you for sharing this beautiful book with the world and opening to us about yourself. You truly are a Superwoman!

For my Dutchies: you can buy this book at 


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