Investment Piece | The Grand Shopping Tote

Talking about investments.. This piece is literally an investment!

I had to wait and look for it in different stores and countries for several months – actually years – to finally, finally, have it in my possession! A classy and timeless piece.. The Chanel Grand Shopping Tote! (Also known as the GST.)



This bag is made out of black Caviar leather with golden chains and zippers. Caviar leather, also known as grained calfskin leather will hold its shape after daily use and scratches or damages will not show up easily. Which also makes it usable to wear everyday and for many years.








The golden chain on the bag is the “Classic Chanel Chain Leather”. The golden color of the chain makes the bag more chique and warm. 

And rumor has it that Chanel will not producing the GST anymore.. Also, every year Chanel is increasing their prices, so if you really want one of these babies you’d better be hurry up!

A timeless bag with timeless colors. Classy and Fabulous indeed!

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