21 Questions

Since I have been posting for a while now, I have not shared a lot personal ‘facts’ about me.
I thought it would be fun to share some with you. Maybe you’ve noticed some of them already. 😉

1. Who’s that girl?
My full name is Nandini Reshma Janki.
The names are origin from India.
Note: But my parents are born in Surinam, South America.
Where I was born? Read along 🙂

2. “And though she be but little, she is fierce” – Shakespeare
For Western standards I’m short, for Asian, not so much.
Think I got the fierceness from my Asian roots too!

3. Music is medicine
It actually is. I get happy when I listen to music and I love to think about the memories and happy times songs give me. 
I often listen to R&B and HipHop, but the Soul music really touches my soul. And of course I listen to Bollywood music. 😀
Note: I still buy CD’s and you can find me at concerts.

4. I am a sucker for romantic stuff
I love romantic movies, especially when it’s played in New york.

I love romantic books and I love romantic gestures like receiving flowers.

5. Drink up, darling
My favorite drink is one of the most unhealthy ones in the world, but it gives me wings.

I get happy by just smelling the sweet scent when I open up my Red Bull tin.
I compensate my fav drink with drinking water and green tea, all day, everyday!
Note: I almost always have a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks

6. H-Town
My hometown is The Hague, the Netherlands. It’s my favorite city in the world.

I’m born and raised here and not planning to leave,
except when it’s for an apartment with a Central Park view #GOALS.

I love spending time in my city. It’s home.

7. Food, food, food!
You can wake me up for shoarma, (Dutch) homemade pancakes by Mom or a peace of Red Velvet cake!

Note when visiting The Hague: El Basha and Cake du Fortin are the best in town.
I’m having fun going out for dinner at new places and I have favorite spots in town where I go regularly.
When I have the time and the inspiration, I make some dishes or desserts myself at home.
Note: my favorite candies are M&M’s

8. Que Sera, Sera
I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. In good and bad times.
If it’s not happening for you, it’s not meant for you. If it is, it will come to you in the right time.
Whatever will be, will be. It’s my everyday quote.

9. Who run the world?
Loving everything about Beyonce since I can remember.
Her voice, her dance, her style, just everything.
If you don’t like Beyonce, we can’t be friends.

10. Nerd alert
Where ever I go, I always carry a book in my bag.
My favorite author is Dan Brown, loving the movies too.
A big fan of the Harry Potter series as well!
And of course I like the chick flick novels from Jill Mansell and Lauren Weisberger.

11. In a Land far, far away..
I love to travel and see the world. Thanks to my parents I have seen a lot of beautiful places.
They took me on vacation so many times, to India, Dubai, New York, Mauritius, Turkey
and city trips in Europe. 
Thanks mom and dad, I’m grateful.
Check out the Globetrotter page to follow my adventures 🙂
Note: As a souvenir, I buy a Starbucks city mug in every city I go 🙂

12. Your thoughts become your reality, make sure they’re fabulous!
I see myself as a spiritual person and I believe in chakra’s, the law of attraction, positive affirmations
and most of all, I believe in God.

Note: Karma is real.

13. I can kick your ass
I have a black belt in Tae-Kwondo.
I won trophy’s during competitions. Yeah, I am a badass 😀
(this was a long time ago though..)

14. Comfy outfit
I feel most comfortable in a jeans – tee – high heels outfit.
When it’s cold I prefer a blazer or leather jacket to cover up.

My touch up would be a neutral color lipstick.
Note: My nail polish is always Chanel 

15. I love to love
I find myself a loyal, caring and driven person.
I care for my beloved ones and try to help them out and spend time with them, when and where I can.

I am happy knowing everyone is doing fine. Once you’re in my heart, you’re there for a million years.
But once I’m done, I’m done.

I am driven and passionated about my personal goals too.
If I have set my eye on a purpose I make sure I’ll achieve them.

Also, I know when to (eventually) accept something that is not going to happen for me
and I choose another direction.

Que sera, sera, right? 😉

16. Making myself useful
I have mentioned a couple of activities and hobby’s that keeps me busy in the previous facts above, and besides that and blogging I also like to spend time watching series, (online) shopping, making scrapbooks and going to the gym.
My favorite shows at the moment are Suits, Jane the Virgin, Modern Family and Pretty Little Liars.
Netflix is definitely worth all ten bucks.
Note: Food keeps me company while I’m doing all those things.

17. Less scrolling, more living
While all those apps and social media are keeping us busy most of the day, I chose some of my favorites.
Instagram: I like to look at beautiful pictures and dream away and it keeps me posted about the fun things everyone is doing.
Pinterest: It’s just like a second Google. But a fancier one.
TED: I just downloaded this app a couple of months ago and not regretting it one day.
Name the topic and you’ll find it. You can get smarter in just twenty minutes!

Calm: It’s a meditation app and it helps me to clear my mind and find rest.

18. You’re never too old for Disney
I am so grateful that I grew up with Disney movies and Disney princesses all around me.
I grew up with magic and songs and fairytales which made me never stop dreaming.
I don’t have any particular favorite movie, I just love all classics.
Note: I’m a Disney Princess too.

19. The bags under my eyes are Chanel (and Louis V)
The one thing I spend most of my money on.. *drum ruffle* are designer bags. Yes.
My most precious bags are my Chanel bags, but I also have a crush on the Louis Vuitton designs. You might think it’s a waste of money, but they’re actually an investment. I have also less expensive, but not less beautiful, designer bags like Gucci, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Burberry and Henri Bendel, but Coco and Louis are my favorites!
Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags are increasing in value every year, maybe even every six months. They are made of a high quality leather and they are timeless pieces.
They go with anything and I can wear them forever.
I think these reasons will justify to buy more, right?

Note: I never put my bag on the floor. 

20. Good shoes take you good places
Designer bags go well with designer shoes, I believe. Hence, my designer shoe collection.
From Chanel sneakers to Louboutin heels to Gucci boots. 
Note: But my Michael Kors shoes are most comfortable.

21. Son of a gun
I curse. Sometimes.
Is it still ‘sometimes’ when it’s everyday?

Okay, well I curse not sometimes.
Note: People who curse often are smart.

Still interested in my interests? Go and check out my Pinterest. 


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I Am Nandini

Let’s start with some basics.

I am Nandini, 26, born and based in The Hague, The Netherlands and raised by the best of two loving parents.

I have a huge love for fashion. Everyone is unique and I would like to show you my style and inspirations. Besides fashion I also have a great passion for beauty, a huge desire to travel the world, read books and taste food from all over the world. That is what mostly my blog will be about. Let me take you into my adventures. 

I want to accomplish a lot in my life, inspire and help others. I’m certain that hard work will bring me there. All that has come to me so far, all that I have experienced, achieved and will become is because of Him.

Thank you for visiting. I will keep you posted. See you soon!


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