Happy 10th Birthday Pigalle!

Not only is Louboutin my favorite brand of shoes, but the Pigalle is also my favorite shoe at this moment, which I have in three beautiful colors! And this week Louboutin celebrates the 10th birthday of my fav shoe!

Christian Louboutin is my favorite shoe brand because there has never been a shoe before that has made my foot so-damn-beautiful. Whenever I wear my Loubies I feel like the most beautiful in the world. It makes me forget the pain in my foot! And of course, the red bottoms. The most beautiful part of the shoe.

In May 2013 in Paris I bought my first Pigalle, the nude one. Everytime I walk into a Louboutin store I feel like something magical is going to happen, you know like a little child in Disney World or something. The young guy who helped me in the store pulled out all the boxes to see if there were any Pigalles left. Unfortunately, they were all sold out. So, my dearest father who had driven me to Paris (from The Hague, the Netherlands) for me to buy my Louboutins, drove me to another store. When I asked the girl in the store is she had the Pigalle in nude she nodded and said; Yes, which size? The three words that made the happiest girl that day! 



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