Spring in Rome

Last month I was on holiday in the beautiful historical Rome.
This trip was only a three day trip and I had planned everything I wanted to see in just these 3 days. I went from the Colosseum to the Chanel store and ate a lo-hot of pasta to gelato. I had a great time over here. Italians are very polite and of course the beautiful weather was helping a lot.

Spring just started and I was thinking and overthinking about what to wear and to bring with me. Which shoes? Which tops? Dresses? I didn’t know, it was so much to think about. At the end I choose comfort. So no heels and no short skirts. Scroll further to see my outfits and some of the sights I’ve been seeing.

On the first day I saw the Trevi Fountain. I never thought this statue/building was this huge. Of course it was very crowded and like all the other tourists – I made my wish. 🙂  

Outfit details:
Primark boots x Zara jeans x H&M blouse x H&M pullover x Michael Kors bucket bag x
RayBan Erika shades x Cluse rose gold watch

Trevi Fountain

Primark boots x Zara jeans x Mango tee x Tommy Hilfiger cardigan x
Michael Kors bucket bag x RayBan Erika shades


I found it admiring to see how something as big as the Colosseum was build in the earlier years without all the technical equipments we use nowadays. Historical monuments like this are beyond words and of course there were not happy things happening in this arena but still.. When I was walking around in the Colosseum I was imagining how things went back then. 
A tip when visiting the Colosseum: buy a ticket online or at a local travel agency to skip the lines. The Colosseum is very populair and it’s a waste of your time to stand in line for like an hour. You could also have look at the ROMA pass.

From left to right: Beautiful Italian streets nearby the Spanish Steps and the shops x The Pantheon x Piazza Navona

The most beautiful place I have visited in Rome is without a doubt the Vatican City. 

Nike ROSHE x Zara trousers x Zara tee x Michael Kors bucket bag x RayBan Erika shades

The same for the Vatican City – before you arrive make sure you’ve purchased your tickets, also for the Sixtine Chapelle which is definitely worth seeing! Put on your comfortable shoes as this is going to be a long walk and very crowded. 

If Rome has not been checked off your bucket list yet.. you should definitely go!  😉 

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