Citytrip: Nice and Monaco

Last month I went to the beautiful French Cote D’azur, Nice and Monaco. I have seen so many beautiful things and places in Nice. My trip lasted for three days, which is actually enough to spend for a citytrip. Let me take you into my journey.

IMG_4394Hat: Supertrash x Shades: Ray Ban x Necklace: H&M x Tee: Kenzo x Cardigan: Mango x Leather pants: H&M x Sneakers: Zara x Clutch: Supertrash

My hotel was at the Boulevard Promenade des Anglais, which is most likely in the centre of Nice. There are plenty of restaurants and it is a walking distance to the beautiful blue sea. At the moment I stayed in Nice it was too cold for me to swim, but I did enjoy the view.


As we walked from the hotel to the centre of Nice we walked through these beautiful streets which were build with these old and classic houses and big trees. Just like the fancy streets from Paris. When we walked like ten minutes, we walked into in the centre where all these terraces, shops and monuments were. Also the Cathedral Notre Dame of Nice.


The second day of my trip I went to Monaco. If you take the train from Nice it only takes 20 minutes to Monaco. So if you’re ever in Nice I really recommend you to travel to Monaco! It’s really worth it. When I walked outside from the station and looked down, was this the first thing I saw. An amazing view to the Port of Monaco. 


Walking to the centre/port of Monaco seemed more nearby when I looked down from the station haha. But you know, it is worth the walk!


Big streets. Artistic buildings. 


And then finally, I saw what i came for. Casino Monte Carlo. Hotel de Paris and many many of fancy cars. The place was crowded! The casino looks as even beautiful on the inside as the outside, but I was not allowed to make pictures inside the building. So if you’re curious, go see for yourselves!


It was the perfect weekend in Nice and Monaco. A great place to explore, beautiful views, shops and monument.  A definitely must-see!


Shades: Ray Ban x Dress: H&M x Belt: Gucci x Clutch: Supertrash x Sandals: Gucci

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